VNC Venue & Catering

The Venue and Catering module is designed for hotels with function rooms and convention centers. Sales staff can create customized packages for guests who require a function done in the hotel with the integration of the Food and Beverage module.

Main benefits of the Venue & Catering module are

  • The sales team is able to create venue packages, make quotations and reservations for customers wherever they are as long as the Internet is available. Reservations are made based on real time availability. This eliminates inter-department communication costs.
  • The sales team is able to make GIT reservations and F&B arrangements for customers if it is needed at the same time as making venue reservations and venue packages.
  • Each individual venue created has its own set of details. Employees can even allocate preparation and cleaning duration for each venue to heighten the planning cycle. This way, employers are able to acquire the exact amount of employees for each event enabling a smooth and steady flow throughout functions.
  • This module is fully integrated with Accounting. When a venue is checked in, revenue will be automatically posted in Accountings.
  • Hotel guests are able to make additional food and beverage orders from other outlets and still have all the charges combined in one same bill making it convenient and efficient as the POS Module is linked directly to the Venue and Catering Module.
  • Employees are able to bill all function charges to the room in the event guests are lodging in the hotel. This simplifies the billing methods as all room charges and function charges can be settled at the same time, cutting down on hassle and paper usage.