THP Theme Park

The Theme Park module is developed in consultation with Bukit Gambang Water Park which ensures this module conforms with the needs of theme parks. It promises minimal fuss for optimum work flow during peak seasons but does not compromise its ability as a complete and comprehensive program.

Main benefits of the Theme Park module are

  • The Theme Park module is fully integrated into all of E-HORS programs. For example, theme park passes can be included as part of packages offered by hotels but the correct revenue will be posted in the correct property. There is no need to implement a separate program or acquire a separate work station in order to access different modules.
  • Guests are able to make a transaction online through internet reservation or simply call the hotel to make an instant transaction using their credit card. There is no hassle of having to wait through a long queue just to purchase tickets to the theme park.
  • Access to the real time statistics report where employees are able to view current revenue, number of guests who are utilizing the theme park and also a break down on the types of tickets sold.
  • Guests do not have to carry any extra cash into the theme park as this unique module practices a ‘Cashless with Value’ wristband. The wristband value indicates the actual amount guests have already paid before entry to the theme park. Any miscellaneous items for rent or purchase of meals/items can be deducted from the wristband value. This significantly reduces thefts which are likely to happen in crowded places. Guests will also be able to top up or refund the wristband value.
  • Wristbands will be available for collection at the counters upon arrival of guests if the theme park tickets are purchased online. This eliminates the need for guests coming in groups to wait in line for their printed wristbands.