PCS Purchasing

The Purchasing module provides hotel staff with the power to control and monitor stocks in the hotel. They are also able to make internal stock transfers, create stock locations and view stock locations. As both the Purchasing and Accounting module are part of E-HORS, no double input of data is required.

Main benefits of the Purchasing module are

  • Complete purchase advice based on minimum stock and minimum order. Consistency can be ensured with number of stocks available and running out of stock can be avoided with the purchase advice.
  • The Purchase advice program is able to segregate supplies which are ordered but not yet delivered which minimizes the tendency to make multiple orders on a single item.
  • Authorization for stock purchase can be done digitally. Staffs don't have to get the management to sign papers to get authorization.
  • Purchase orders are sent by email if the supplier has email. Costs for communication and paper can be saved.
  • E-HORS has no limitation in the number of stock locations. Even a mini bar can be a stock location.
  • Stock take can be processed directly into E-HORS either using a PC or tablet.
  • Users do not have to go through the hassle of choosing multiple departments before acquiring for a purchase advice, but have a complete view of all property supplies which need replenishing.
  • Stock discrepancies and corrections are recorded in the system indicating item amount, price, location, date and employee name enabling smooth month end auditing.