POS Point of Sales

The E-HORS POS software are hardware independent solutions, from laptop, PC to tablet and mobile. A user firendly and powerfull solution fully integrated with all other modules.

Unique benefits of Point of Sales

  • Specialized versions are available for Restaurant, including mobile ordering, Fast Food, Retail, Spa, Ticketing and Room Service.
  • Unlimited table and section settings for restaurants can be created in the POS system. Hotel staffs are able to view all vacant and occupied tables.
  • A waiter or cashier can work in more than one outlet during one shift creating separate audits as well as a compiled audit for that person.
  • Each outlet can have its own happy hours, not depending on the actual computer used, but on the settings in the database.
  • Menus are loaded based on time slots, whereby an alternative menu can be chosen.
  • As E-HORS does not have a night audit, the outlet does not need to shut down. With E-HORS, actions done on the POS terminal are directly handled by and stored on the same server used by the rest of the property. This has the important benefit that waiters don't have to close guests' bill at a certain time. This increases revenue.
  • There is a split bill/join bill functionality which will provide convenience for guests who wish to split or join their bill.
  • Retail works with barcode readers and Ticketing uses QR Code. Spa uses QR Code or wristband