Inventory Management

Key to cost control is superb Inventory Management and that is what this module helps you to do.

Unique benefits of inventoy.

  • Data related to inventory, value and quantity comes real time from Goods received, goods used, goods returned, stock used, stock corrections and stock take.
  • The amount used in calculations for usage, disribution and correctoons can be based on "last price" or an average price over a by system setting defined period.
  • Item categories can be linked to inventory accounts in finance as desired.
  • Recipes can distributed from central kitchen to satelite kitchens whereby the items wihin the recipe are transferred at item level, the value as well as the quantity.
  • The status of the stock location decides if the actual stock counts as stock for the purchase advice.
  • The charge out and stock deduction can be on a level as low as 1 shot of whiskey or a glass of wine..