HRS Human Resource

The human resources module is a simple module to keep track of employees working in the organization. E-HORS is able to detect operations done in the system with employees' user ID. Therefore it is important for username and passwords to be assigned in this module for every staff.

Main benefits of the Human Resource module are

  • Username and password will be added for every employee for security purposes. People who do not have the authorization to use the system will not be able to access the system. This creates a high security environment in which prevents fraud.
  • The management will be able to keep track of operations done by employees through their username.
  • E-HORS is a multilingual interface based on user ID. When a preferred language is selected for an employee, the person is able to view texts of E-HORS in the selected language.
  • In the human resources module, different programs can be authorized for different staffs. Upon log-in, an employee can only see programs which are designated to his/her position. This also applies for multi property viewing.