PMS Front Office

The Front Office module is up and running 24 hours a day as no night audit is required in E-HORS. This will result in higher revenue, higher efficiency and lower human errors as no manual back up is needed. As the Front Office module is integrated with the Accounting module, revenue is booked upon check out without the need to key in transactions manually.

Main benefits of the Front Office module are

  • All monthly reports are generated in E-HORS, reducing human error which is resulted from manually entering data into Excel spreadsheets. All reports are custom made for different users' needs.
  • Management receives a daily email with regards to the in-house guests that have exceeded their credit limit. This lowers the risk of potential problems at checkout and it allows the management to better control the amount payable by in-house guests.
  • Rooming list for group reservations can be filled in by organizers/travel agents.
  • Multiple guest folios per room can be added into the system. In this case, the charges made to different guests in a room can be separated, making payments easier during check out.
  • Within a multi property environment, a central reservation department is sufficient as reservations can be made in any property if authorized. Cross property reservations will increase revenues.
  • Reservations can be confirmed by e-mail. This ensures cost minimization.