FNB Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage module includes all outlets of the hotel or resort: restaurants, bars and retail. Together with the Purchasing module, it offers full purchasing and stock control. There is a menu builder included and sold menus are automatically deducted from stock, based on the units of measurement. Recipes are created and can be stored for any selected or all outlets within the hotel or hotel chain.

Main benefits of the Food & Beverage module are

  • There are no limitations in the creation of recipes and menus as they are created centrally. This means that once a recipe is created, it can be used in any outlet of the property with its own name and price.
  • The food outlets' data is automatically transferred to the cost control and stock control programs.
  • Different measurements when adding items in F&B allows the system to make a distinction between purchasing, stock and costing.
  • The sales department is able to create packages including food and beverage. This eliminates the need of making manual P&L calculations. Management will receive a warning by e-mail if a salesperson creates a quotation or reservation that does not meet the P&L guidelines.