ANG Agencies and Groups

Travel agencies and groups are an important source of income for hotels. They usually book more than 10 rooms in one go, bringing in high revenue. With this module, reservations can be done easily without the need to retrieve the travel agency's contact details, packages and payment terms manually as all modules are integrated.

Main benefits of the Agencies and Groups module are

  • There is no need for agent rooms' allocation in E-HORS as it works with an open inventory. However, we understand there are situations where the commercial need for agency allocation arises. Front office is still able to block rooms in those circumstances.
  • Travel agency details are recorded here to make reservations easier. Once a reservation is done, an e-mail will be sent to the travel agency automatically without the need to search for its details manually.
  • Travel agencies' contract terms and details can be retrieved easily for the ease of management by Front Office and room reservations. This reduces human errors and unnecessary confusion which increases efficiency of the department.
  • Packages and payment terms can be customized for different travel agencies. Therefore, travel agencies are able to make reservations online based on an open inventory according to their packages and payment terms.