Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Find answers to the most common questions about our company, E-HORS (Electronic Hotel Operations and Reservation System), our support and some technical questions regarding the system.

About the company

  • When and how was E-HORS founded?
    E-HORS was incorporated as a private limited company in 2006 to provide hospitality solutions. The sole shareholder of E-HORS is Professional Web Services (PWS). Initially the product suite E-HORS (Electronic Hotel Operations and Reservation System) was developed under PWS. Thereafter, the decision was made to create a new company, which is E-HORS and transfer the E-HORS activities to the new company.
  • Who are the customers of E-HORS?
    We are proud to have more than 20 installations so far in and outside Malaysia.
  • Q. How do I enquire about the system or request for a presentation?
    You will need to submit your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get in touch with you.

About E-HORS

  • Is it user friendly?
    Customers have commented that their staffs which have not used property management systems before find E-HORS easy to work with. E-HORS was built with an aim to make it as user friendly as possible.
  • What is E-HORS?
    E-HORS is the first 100% web based solution for hotels and resorts. This means that it runs in a web browser, making E-HORS hardware independent resulting in significantly lower investments. It's an innovative suite of fully integrated applications based on a single database architecture that allows a property or a chain of properties to implement one single integrated solution. The E-HORS system integrates all aspects of a hotel or resort from front office to accounting without the need for interfaces. E-HORS is also a real time solution resulting in real time management reports and transactions posted in the correct modules in real time.
  • What modules are included in the E-HORS system?
    Front office, Food and Beverage, Venue & Catering, Purchasing, Housekeeping & Maintenance, POS (Point of Sales), Unit lease back, PABX, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Agencies & Groups, Online Reservation, Theme Park, Human Resources and Service Centre.
  • What are the unique advantages of E-HORS that are not available in other systems?
    • E-HORS doesn't require a standard procedure in hotels called "night audit". During the night audit, the system will be down. Therefore, procedures like reservations, check-in and accounting input cannot be made during this period. With E-HORS, this is clearly not necessary as the design of E-HORS takes care of an automatic back up on transaction level. Room charges etc. are processed through batch procedures and there is no need to close the day, shut down and make backups.
    • E-HORS is a single integrated solution for every aspect of a hotel or resort. There is no need for other systems to be combined with E-HORS. There is also no need for interfaces. Due to its fully integrated nature, the import or export of files are not needed as well.
    • E-HORS is the first web-based solution for the hospitality industry. E-HORS can run on any web browser which supports Adobe Flash Player or higher. High levels of security have been implemented. No source code or any data is readable in HTML. E-HORS runs in a single HTML page.
    • E-HORS is the first hardware independent solution. E-HORS can work with any operating system. However the Linux operating system is preferred for E-HORS clients as it is a free software, keeping investments low. The Linux operation system is proven to be safe and stable by various sources.
    • E-HORS is 100% real time and works with an open inventory. Moreover, reservations can be made online. This eliminates the need for travel agency allocation which will result in either high overbooking percentages or low occupancy. Significant amounts of money are at risk with allocations.
    • E-HORS is a multi-property solution. Within E-HORS, the reservation system is a central reservation system and the full inventory is available (rooms and venues). It doesn't matter how many properties a resort or hotel has, staffs can work with a virtually one environment as E-HORS is a single integrated solution. They can be authorized to work remotely in multiple properties at the same time. All E-HORS modules are multi property, including accounting, F&B, purchasing, etc. which allows more than central reservations.
    • E-HORS is an environmental friendly solution. It is practically paperless. We strongly believe that this solution does not only protect the environment that we live in, but also reduces paper costs. All paperwork is replaced by e-mail documents in PDF format in E-HORS. Quotations, deposit receipts, invoices, purchasing documents and approval cycles are all done electronically and there is no need to print any document. Even purchase orders can be sent to suppliers by email in PDF format.
    • E-HORS has a fully integrated IP phone system. It can create one virtual environment where all phone calls between properties (local, national or international) are free of charge. Only one infrastructure is needed for both telephone and internet within the property as well as guest rooms. Fixed lines and mobile connections can be achieved with IP telecom providers against very competitive rates which will increase profits as properties using PABX systems are losing money because guests prefer to use their mobile phones which has lower charges.
    • E-HORS provides reports online real time. Currently, properties have to create their management reports using spread sheets. E-HORS can customize the reports according to the format and output which the customers require. This is absolutely unique in the market.
    • E-HORS's infrastructure allows remote FM from anywhere in the world. Its open source environment allows the usage of tools without any investments that provides E-HORS the ability to deliver the highest level of support possible and this fully remotely.
    • E-HORS supports multilingual user interface based on user ID. Unlimited number of languages can be added by the user. Customers are able to create any language for all E-HORS texts with a simple user interface. Double byte character sets like Chinese are supported as well.

About the company

  • What do we do when we have issues with the system?
    Submit an assistance request via our online support ticketing system. Our support department will deal with your request as soon as possible.
  • When can I call E-HORS for assistance?
    Our support centre provides 24x7 assistance regarding any issues that you might face with E-HORS.
  • Where will the training be conducted?
    The training can be conducted at your property at your convenience or at our offices.
  • How long will the training be?
    Our E-HORS training is customized for every customer. The length of the training will have to depend on a few variables like the amount of staff, the availability of staff, the modules needed by the property, etc. Our staff will arrange the training according to your needs.